Commercial Concrete Refinishing

Our floor coating systems provide the perfect solution for protecting your investments in plant, equipment, and people. You can expect our coatings to be safe and non-slip. Have an old coating that needs to be removed; no problem. We are skilled at dry blasting using shot, sand, soda, and dry ice to delicately or aggressively remove worn concrete coatings.


  1.   Extreme durability
  2.   Industry leading abrasion resistance
  3.   Incredible stain & chemical resistance
  4.   Generous color selection

Our work

Commercial Floor Coating Applications

⁍    Warehousing: Makes floors easier to clean while reducing the concrete dust that collects on your inventory.
⁍    Auto Repair: Resists acids, alkalines & solvents. Added texture can prevent injury, absentee & a workers comp claim.
⁍    Auto Dealerships: Your sales team sells the first car but your service dept sells the second car. Keep your floors bright, easy to clean and safe.
⁍    Agriculture: Acidic liquids like cow’s milk can eat into unprotected concrete. Coatings keep you code compliant.
⁍    Laboratories: Protect against sodium hydroxide, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, and other harsh industrial products.
⁍    Manufacturing: Safety is job one. Our coatings can be textured and striped but are always bright, durable and slip resistant.
⁍    Fire Stations: You need slip resistance, durability and beauty. Like your equipment; choose the best and make it last.