Balancing form and function is a time-honored rule of property management. On one hand, you want to make sure the property is able to fulfill its purposes. On the other hand, budgetary constraints mandate the consideration of expense versus return on investment (ROI).

Of the several ways you can add to the aesthetic and increase the long-term property value of a warehouse, painting is among the most important and cost-effective. Consider the last time your warehouse was painted. If it’s been 8 to 10 years, it may be time for a touchup. Inspect for chipping, and color fading.

Repainting your warehouse can also improve functionality as well. A brighter picking, staging, or loading dock can reduce errors and make the workspace safer to reduce injuries. Choosing a lighter color or more reflective coating could allow retrofitting of more energy efficient lighting.

Similar to an office environment, a cleaner, more pleasant work environment can increase the productivity of your team.

Painting Preparation

We can explain the proven methods of preparation and make an assessment of any unique circumstances that your space brings. For the new coating to perform its best, the previous surface has to prepared to receive it.

Painting prep may require just a good vacuuming to remove heavy dust build-up. It may require power washing with hot or cold water, or dry blasting using sand, baking soda, or pellets. We have the expertise and equipment to handle the job.

Coating Choices

Different coatings afford varying levels of protection against weather, chemical and vapor exposure, ultraviolet, and scuff/impact resistance. Another consideration is allowable drying time and odor tolerance. After an inspection of your work area, we will provide choices and advice.

Choosing your Industrial / Commercial Painting Partner

NO SUBCONTRACTING: Employing our own workforce enables quality, procedural, and safety controls.

EDUCATED: We are partners with the EPA, OSHA, coating specialists, and equipment manufacturers and we mandate ongoing education.

COMPLIANT: We are Hazmat certified; corrosion, old coatings, runoff, abated waste and vapors get contained and discarded properly.

INDEPENDENT: “I promise your satisfaction” – Jim Lough, Owner