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We’re seamless with other trades to
​finish on time, spec, and budget.


A preferred painting contractor for
​Owens-Corning, we know safety.


We understand the unique needs of property managers.​


We remove decades of paint with
shot, sand, soda, or dry ice.


Powerful hot/cold pressure washers
yield impressively fast results.


We blast, repair, seal & paint so you
​can teach, swim, and relax.

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Commercial Painters in Columbus OH

If you run a business in the ultra competitive Columbus market, you understand that details matter. Whether you want to impress potential clients, attract customers, or simply stand out against your competitors, dated paint and dreary colors can work against all of your marketing efforts.

Job sites can be chaotic, we work seamlessly with other trades, within tight deadlines, using low VOC and low odor paints.

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Commercial Painting is our specialty.

As second generation commercial painters, our precision, our respect for timelines, and our outstanding safety record has sustained us while other painting companies have sold to conglomerates or folded.

⁍  NO SUBCONTRACTING: Employing our own team enables quality, procedural, and safety controls.

⁍  EDUCATED: We are partners with the EPA, OSHA, paint, coating, and equipment manufacturers. We mandate ongoing training.

⁍  COMPLIANT: We are Hazmat certified; corrosion, old coatings, runoff, abated waste and vapors get contained and discarded properly.

⁍  INDEPENDENT: “I promise your satisfaction” – Jim Lough, Owner


You asked. We answered.

What should I look for when hiring a commercial painter?

Hiring someone to paint your commercial space can seem daunting. With so many companies out there claiming to be the best, how do you know which one to chose? Start by getting some recommendations, read online reviews, or check out places like the Better Business Bureau for A+ business ratings.

At Modern Painting & Coatings, we are the most recommended commercial painting company in Columbus. We have hundreds of satisfied customers in and around mid-Ohio. 

Why hire professional commercial painters?

Hiring licensed professionals for your commercial painting job is extremely beneficial to you. It means that your project will be done to perfection, with proper preparation, proper application, and a high-quality finish.

A professional painting contractor will address your concerns about fumes, mess or disruptions during business hours. 

At Modern Painting & Coatings, we’re partners with the EPA to ensure safe disposal of any toxic chemicals, and we’re partners with OSHA to ensure safe practices, which limits your liability. We use our own, extensively trained team, not hired subcontractors, so you can rest assured you’re job will be handled safely, and to perfection.

What are the benefits of repainting?

A fresh paint job can instantly bring new life to your business. It gives your space a fresh feel and makes those important first impressions into lasting ones. 

As your business grows and you’re attracting new talent, a comfortable work environment is an added perk. It also has been shown to increase morale and productivity among your employees as well.  Read our article about colors and productivity.

Lastly, fresh paint can increase the value of your building, so why not?

When is the best time to paint my commercial space?

Since the weather in Ohio can change from month to month and sometimes even week to week, you should always contact your local painting contractor to assess conditions. Since exterior paint requires an ambient temperature of about 50 degrees to produce the best results, spring and summer are ideal for repainting. Interiors can be painted at any time as long as the interior is climate controlled.

As far as knowing when you’re commercial property NEEDS to be painted, well, that usually just takes a quick look. (Learn when is the best time to powerwash here.) How does your building look right now? If it is showing signs of wear and tear, it needs to be repainted. The same goes for mildew and algae. These failings in your current paint can lead to damage to your exterior surface and those damages can lead to expensive repairs. At Modern Painting & Coatings, we also offer powerwash, blasting services, and concrete refinishing. Advice and estimates are at no cost.

What else should I know about commercial painting?

Whatever company you choose, make sure they are willing to work seamlessly with your company, that they are communicative and on the same page as you so that you don’t end up feeling unsatisfied with the job. Do your research and make sure that you’re hiring a licensed, insured company that is going to give you a quality, well-timed and executed commercial paint job. Insist that they use high-quality tools and paint so that your job will last a long time. If you choose carefully, your commercial paint job will give you lasting results.

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