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Swimming Pool Painting

Our pool painting process:

Swimming pool painting involves applying specialized coatings to the surfaces of swimming pools to enhance their appearance, protect them from damage, and improve their durability. The process typically involves thorough surface preparation, such as cleaning, repairing cracks, and removing any existing paint or coatings via power washing or blasting. If your pool is outside, we may also use pressurized, saturated steam to kill mold spores.

Finally, we apply a gorgeous & durable marine finish that will deliver years of service. The choice of pool paint depends on factors like the pool type (concrete, fiberglass, or other), desired finish (smooth or textured), and the specific requirements of the pool environment (such as resistance to chemicals and UV exposure). Pool painting requires careful application techniques to ensure an even and long-lasting finish. Regular maintenance and periodic recoating may be necessary to sustain the appearance and protective properties of the pool paint over time.

Whether public or private, your swimming pool was a substantial investment. If years, UV light, chemicals, and activity have taken a toll on the appearance, call us

Expert pool painting delivers beautiful results.

Having a commercial or residential pool painted can completely transform the look and feel of the space, taking it from old and dirty to shining, refreshing, and brand new. Take a look at some of our local commercial and residential pool painting results from here in Columbus.

The beautiful results of a large commercial pool painting job.
A large commercial pool painted white after pool painting by Modern Painting
A modern painting worker painting a residential pool with light blue paint
A Modern Painting worker detailing pool paint on a residential pool.
a set of stairs in a residential pool, painted by a Modern Painting team.
A commercial pool in an apartment building painted by a modern painting team
We understand commercial pools are demanding environments that require durable, long-lasting finishes that can withstand substantial use. Successful commercial and institutional pool painting requires specialized products and methods applied by experienced technicians to ensure durability and surface performance.

Frequently, proper preparation of your delicate pool interior surfaces requires blasting using dry media like baking soda or fine sand. As you can imagine, this can generate quite a dust storm which is inconvenient when outdoors but dangerous and labor-intensive to prepare an indoor pool for painting.

We have made a major investment to make this process safer, faster, and more efficient. We are one of a handful of companies in Ohio that use dustless blasting equipment. Read more about our dustless equipment.