In much of the country, the start of peak rental season is just a handful of weeks away. That means that now is the time to get ready for the rush. The beauty of peak season is that more people are looking for places to live, which is great for you because that means the pool of potential applicants is bigger. On the flip side, however,  is that a large portion of your current tenants are also more likely to move on.

Whether it’s your first peak season or your 15th, you’re probably already aware that means it’s time to call the painting crew.

Interior paint is both an aesthetic boost and an overall practical need for rental properties, and landlords have to deal with paint at some point. Here are some tips that can help minimize the chances that any of your units sit empty, even when turnover is high.

The Appeal of Fresh Paint

The smell of fresh paint and the look of bright new walls is highly attractive to current occupants and potential new occupants alike. When you’re trying to find qualified tenants, a coat or two of fresh paint can make the place look newer and seem brighter. It’s a real psychological boost for applicants to tour a newly painted rental property. It gives them confidence that they can trust the owner to take good care of their potential new home.

Fresh paint doesn’t stop at the interior walls. A newly painted exterior in fresh, modern colors can give the entire complex a facelift, which can draw potential renters just by them simply driving past the building.

Are Landlords Required to Paint Between Tenants?

While it’s not required by law for landlords to paint between tenants, many landlords choose to do it anyway for marketing and aesthetics. But, as long as interior paint meets all conditions for habitability, meaning it’s not lead-based, chipping or peeling, paint does not have to be new for a tenant to take occupancy.

That being said, many qualified tenants may pass on a property that isn’t freshly painted for cosmetic and aesthetic reasons, making it more difficult to attract the best applicants.

Paint Durability

A professional paint job done by a reputable company should last approximately 7 to 10 years according to the experts. Of course, scuffs, chips and marks are all a normal part of wear and tear. It’s always a good idea to repaint if the rooms and hallways are looking dated.

Paint Basics

If you’ve never thought much about paint before, it’s a good idea to learn the basics so you know what to ask for. Or you can consult with a professional at Modern Painting and Coatings who can help you find the right paint to suit your needs.

The biggest factors in how long your interior paint job will last, is the quality of paint and the finish you choose.

Here is a brief overview of the types of paint finishes and where they work best:

High gloss: Durable and easy to clean, this paint dries with a shiny finish that reflects surface light. It’s perfect for repelling sticky fingers and oils, so use it for areas such as trim, doors or perhaps cabinets.

Semi-gloss: Similar to the high gloss but with a bit less light reflection. Perfect for areas that have moisture, like kitchens and bathrooms. It also cleans up easily thanks to that glossy finish.

Satin: Perfect for high-traffic areas like bedrooms, hallways and family rooms. This velvety finish is a sophisticated classic.

Eggshell: This finish is just like its name, an eggshell, smooth, slightly matte finish. Just right for rooms that don’t see much traffic. This would be the preferred choice if the wall you’re looking to paint has bumps or imperfections, as it hides them seamlessly.

Flat/Matte: With no shine, this finish soaks up light and gives walls a rich and thickly coated appearance. Not as easy to clean, this type of paint finish works in extremely low traffic areas.

It’s best to hire a professional paint service to take care of your rental property. At Modern Painting and Coatings, we can accomplish the task in a professional manner that looks great with minimal disturbance to your renters. A uniformed foreman remains on-site for the duration of the project, allaying concerns of strangers milling about your property. To minimize interruption & sensitivity, we apply quick drying, low-odor coatings. We reach the tallest fascia and high ceiling work.

Contact us today for a free estimate and get ahead of the peak season.