Summer is well underway, but there’s still time to schedule the resurfacing of your inground or commercial your industrial paint job. Especially in regions that are heavily impacted by seasonal changes and the elements, like Ohio, this is your opportunity to really protect and enhance your property. Not only will this kind of investment improve the aesthetic appeal of your surfaces, but it’s also the most practical way you can protect your equipment, facility, tanks, and other industrial or commercial property.

We take your entire environment and specific performance requirements into consideration, so we can deliver the exact results and system you need.

So, how can we help?

Prevention and improvement work hand in hand.

At Modern Painting, we don’t believe in only repairing or reapplying what’s broken and decayed. The most cost-effective and valuable approach is to catch issues before they have a chance to grow, protecting your investments and your budget. This summer we’d like to partner with you, identifying your most at-risk surfaces and ensuring that you’re fully protected before the fall and winter weather arrive again.

In most cases, this includes identifying coating failure early, preventing and remediating corrosion, ensuring that the best system is in place to protect your tanks, and addressing cracked or damaged concrete.

Let’s work together! Contact us today to get started.