Something a lot of business owners don’t realise it that prospective customers judge how well you run your business before they even set foot inside.

Consider Your Target Audience

What’s the age range for your target audience? People from different age groups respond to colors differently. Muted colors might be a good choice for older generations while bold colors appeal to a younger demographic, but keep the bold colors in check. Think trim, doors etc. Pops of color can sometimes have a greater effect than painting the whole building a bright hue.

Light Paint Colors

Light exterior colors help your signs pop from the road so customers are able to find your business easier. If you choose highlighter yellow as your color, people will notice your building, but it might be for the wrong reasons. The bright paint colors also distract people from noticing your business signage, which is what you want people to remember the most.

We delve into the psychology of colors and the effect they have on the workplace. Read more about that here.

Use Color Associations

Color associations are more powerful than you think and many companies are already using them to subtly influence their audiences. For example, the McDonalds logo uses red and yellow. While red has been said to stimulate hunger, yellow is associated with playfulness and optimism. Try to use the same color theory principles for your own business.

Check with City for Historical Neighborhoods

Before falling in love with building color schemes, check with the city to see if your business is in a historical neighborhood. To protect the historical integrity of certain buildings, the city will only allow certain exterior paint color schemes. This can seriously mess with your plans if you had dreams of a bold blue.

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