Sandblasting Service

Our field team travels to complete projects on-site. When you need sandblasting / abrasive blasting (sand, shot, soda, dry ice) or painting services for permanent installations or structures, our mobile crew will travel throughout Central Ohio and get to work.

We will determine which types of blasting media, paints, primers, and coatings will yield the best results. Whether you need to sandblast and coat a structure, degrease equipment, or remove stains from concrete floors, we bring the solutions to your door.


Sandblasting Services Offered:

⁍   Abrasive blasting
⁍   Power washing
⁍   Surface preparation
⁍   Concrete coating
⁍   Surface preparation
⁍   Fireproofing
⁍   Corrosion prevention
⁍   Industrial coatings
⁍   Specialized tanks & vessel linings

⁍    Graffiti removal
⁍    Pipeline linings
⁍    Pipeline Maintenance
⁍    Lead Abatement
⁍    Plural component applications
⁍    Corrocote linings
⁍    Equipment restoration
⁍    Specialty coatings

Key Industries Served:

⁍   Commercial
⁍   Oil and Gas
⁍   Industrial
⁍   Utility
⁍   Pipeline
⁍   Hospitality
⁍   Transportation
⁍   Marine
⁍   Municipal Pool
⁍   Construction
⁍   Marine