Spring is a time for renewal, which makes it a great time of year to refresh the look of your business with a fresh coat of paint.

Protect the Exterior of Your Building

Paint rarely wears out, it usually “uglys out” like carpets, doesn’t it?

The temperature fluctuations, rain and snow of our seasons make colors fade and may have caused cracking or flaking if surfaces were not prepared properly. Maybe the expansion and contraction of the building has left energy wasting gaps in your caulk or sealers. Maybe, water has found its way inside and caused even more damage.

Much like the brakes on your car, ignoring obvious signs will only lead to more problems. The weather is optimal, let’s get it done.

Spring has already sprung.

Because warm weather months are always the busiest in the painting trade, it’s smart to schedule as soon as possible. Mother Nature can restrict exterior work sometimes but interior projects are unaffected.

The sooner you schedule, the more time they will have to plan around rain delays in order to finish your paint job before the summer heat kicks in. This gives the paint its best opportunity to bond to the exterior walls and protects your building.

Safety must always be job #1.

A commitment to safety starts at the top. Safety begins with the active participation of the owners and managers. We value a culture of integrity where team members recognize that each decision will impact their personal safety. Safe production is the ultimate goal and can only be achieved with teamwork. Our incredibly high project standards are mirrored by our standards for safety.

Schedule your commercial painting job today.