As a manager of a commercial facility, especially now, you want to reduce operating costs wherever possible. One way you may not have thought of, is increasing the energy efficiency of your building. While we often think of LED lighting and HVAC improvements as the big-ticket upgrades, it’s also important not to overlook the role that commercial paint has on energy efficiency.

What is a “Cool Roof”?

Chances are you already know you shouldn’t wear all black in the middle of a hot, sunny summer day. It’s common knowledge that dark colors absorb heat, while lighter colors tend to reflect light that can cause temperatures to rise. That’s the same idea behind the growing trend of “cool roofs” or “cool walls” on commercial buildings.

Cool roofs are usually made of a highly reflective type of paint or reflective tiles or shingles. While standard roofs can reach temperatures up to 150°F under the summer sun, a cool roof could stay more than 50°F cooler under the same conditions, therefore saving energy and money by using less air conditioning.

It’s important to note that while there are no special paint coatings that make a wall or roof “cool”, however, lighter colors can be used to reflect light, and they can have a huge impact on larger facilities such as warehouses, distribution centers, and office buildings.

There is no bad candidate for a cool roof, especially if you have an older commercial building that may not be able to withstand a cost-efficient renovation for energy efficiency. Building code for structures built before 1980 didn’t require insulation, which as you know is crucial for temperature management. Studies show that these older buildings saw energy savings up to 5x greater when cool walls and roofs were implemented.

What are the benefits of cool roofs?

In addition to cool roofs reducing the interior temperature of a building, they can also diminish the “heat island” effect by lowering temperatures in the area where the building is located. This can be especially crucial for storage properties, where temperature control is imperative and HVAC usage tends to run high.

We can’t forget to mention that cool wall and roof paint treatments also resist UV fading, which means fewer repairs and longevity that can prevent costly replacements in the future. Win, win.

As with any commercial exterior paint upgrade, adding cool roof and wall coatings to your building needs should be handled by a team of professionals. The team at Modern Painting has the experience needed to get the job done right. We’ll talk you through your options as well as budgets, and timelines to ensure the least amount of disruption to your business. Give us a call.